HL Filter produces filter media and filter products to customers' needs in a wide variety of end-use markets.  Our OEM Team has the knowledge, resources and technology to provide OEMs with innovative solutions to meet the requirements of your operations needs.  We have the technical expertise to design, develop and manufacture customized products, which allow us to retain total control over all aspects of the quote process, product design, manufacturing process and before and after-sale service.

Our OEM Products & Services:

Air Filtration

- Filter media

- Dust filter bags

- Filter support cages

Liquid Filtration

- Filter media

- Liquid Filter bags

- Cartridges

- Housings

Media performance is a function of fiber properties, fabric construction, and fabric finishes. HL Filter’s extensive knowledge and experience of how these variables interact allows us to determine the most effective filter media solution to meet your requirements related to flow rate, filtrate clarity, product dryness, cake release, and resistance.

The factors that influence the right choice of media include:

- Temperature - do your bags need to withstand extreme temperatures?

- Product - what are you filtering?

- Humidity-what moisture conditions within which the filters must withstand?

- Chemistry - can your bags withstand the chemical make up of the dust particles?

- Resistance- is the filter media able to resist the wear and tear of the dust particles?

We also provide engineering/troubleshooting support and filter testing and analysis to your end-user customers.

Contact uswith your unique needs –– and let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.