OEM-ODM Custom Liquid Filter Bags OEM-ODM Custom Liquid Filter Bags

Our experience in designing and manufacturing custom bags enables us to develop high quality and durable products custom built to meet your specific needs. Special size and design bags are available in all materials and most micron ratings. You can count on our accuracy, dependability and efficiency when filling your custom order.

We manufacture our own felt media for our felt filter bags under 9001:2008 quality systems, resulting in order to order, year to year, reliability and repeatability. Each filter bag is also individually sealed in protective plastic packaging to prevent contamination. Our filter bags are silicone free with sturdy construction and easy installation.

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Enhanced vertical pleated:  with proprietary advances in pleat profile and rigidity, graded density materials of construction, and surface area, no filter element provides equal filtration performance, life, and loading capacity at a similar price.


Added area filter bag:  added area felt filter bags offers 65% more surface area and up to 50% more flow than your standard size #2 bag. All of our fabrics are manufactured on state-of-the art high-speed equipment resulting in uniformity, consistently and reliability.


Heavy duty, extended life filter bags:  is the leader in high-efficiency, low-cost filtration. Its seamless micro-fiber graded density cartridge insert removes trace oils that frequently occur in process fluids, and provides four times the dirt-holding capacity of conventional polypropylene bags.


Anti-static filter bags: During the weaving process, HL Filter adds the anti-static yarns to add anti-static characteristics, used in the explosives industry and also for solid liquid separation.  


Others: filter socks, waste and scrap bin liners, drum liners, and filter cones


Custom OEM Applications

How to order a felt filter bag

1) Material 2) Micron Rating 3) Finish 4) Size 5) Ring 6) Ring/side/bottom Construction
PE-Felt, Polyester PE:0.5-200 PL-Plain  #1 S- Carbon Steel  WWW- Fully Welded 
PP-Felt, Polypropylene PP:0.5-200 SO-Singed One Side #2 SS-Stainless Steel SSS- Fully Sewn 
NX-Felt, Aramid NX: 5-150 SB-Singed Both Side #3 Z- Zinc Galvanized Steel  SWS- Ring Sewn, Side Welded, Bottom Sewn
PTFE- Felt, PTFE  PTFE:10-50 GL-Glazed #4 P-Polypro PP Flange WSS- Ring Welded, Side Sewn, Bottom Sewn
PEXL-Felt, Extended Life Polyester PEXL:1-200 SG-Singed & Glazed
E-Polyester PE Flange
PPXL-Felt, Extended Life Polypropylene PPXL:1-200 HS-Heat Set
DS-Draw String

VS-High-temp Plastic Snap-seal 7) Options

PP-Polypro Ring HS-Handle Strap (additional handle, same media)

PE-Polyester Ring A-Automotive (bottom and side seams inside bag)

T-Titanium MC- Mesh Cover

N-No Ring SB-Spunbond cover

MS-Modified/Special SR-Special request

Other micron ratings, other sizes, and special design are available on request

Standard Bag Size #1 #2 #3 #4
Surface Area  2.6 (0.24) 5.2 (0.48) 0.9 (0.08) 1.7 (0.16)
ft2 (m2)
Volume 2.1 (7.9) 4.5 (17.0)
0.7 (2.7)
U.S gal (liter) 0.37 (1.4)
Max. Flow Rate 90 (20) 180 (40) 26 (6) 53 (12)
GPM (m3/h) 
Bag Diameter 7.0 (180) 7.0 (180) 4.0 (105) 4.0 (105)
inch (mm)
Bag Length 17.0/430 32.0/810 9.0/230 15.0/380
Inch (mm)
Other Bag Size Available upon request