Woven Fiberglass Fabrics Woven Fiberglass Fabrics

HL Filter offers woven fiberglass fabrics, additionally laminated with an ePTFE membrane, with excellent tensile strength, high heat resistance, low weight, and great cosmetics. Fiberglass Fabrics are woven for fiber orientation, and each fabric features its own unique weight, strength, and fabric characteristics.

Bulk Roll Goods: weight, thickness, density, roll width, and roll length are customized at your request.

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Fiberglass has excellent resistance to most acids, but is attacked by hydrofluoric acid

Not recommended where bases and salts such as chlorides, bromides, and cyanides are present

Poor flex abrasion qualities

High tensile strength

Dimensional stability

High heat resistance, good thermal conductivity, and fire resistance

Outstanding Electrical Properties

Unaffected by sunlight, fungus or bacteria.

Finishes limited, maximum temperature range. 

Glass fabrics are lower in cost than many other fabrics for similar applications.

Requires a 20 vertical wire minimum support cage when used in tubular filter bag form

Usually used in high heat applications.  Continuous operating temperature of 500℉ (260℃)

Fiber Materials GL- Woven Fiberglass Alkali free
Code HLGLA 301 HLGLX 301 HLGLA 331
Surface Treatment PTFE Hydrophobic impregnated, PTFE Membrane
Weave Double Twill Double Twill Double Twill

oz/yd² (g/m2) ±2.5%
22.41-25.07 (760-850) 22.41-25.07 (760-850) 22.41-25.07 (760-850)
Hydrolysis Resistance (Grade) 1 1 1
Air Permeability
 CFM @ ½" W.G 125PA
 (cm3/cm2/s @127PA)
4-10 (2-5) 4-10 (2-5) 4-10 (2-5)
  Tensile Strength
 lb/in (N/5CM)
Warp MD  274 (2400) 274 (2400) 274 (2400)
Weft CD 228 (2000) 228 (2000) 228 (2000)
Tensile Elongation (%) Warp MD  <3% <3% <3%
Weft CD <3% <3% <3%
Diameter of fiber 5.5μm 5.5μm 5.5μm
Max. Operating Temperature Continuous/Surge oF (oC) 500/536 (260/280) 500/536 (260/280) 500/536 (260/280)

Cement Plant

Power and Thermal power stations

Waste Incineration

Steel/Iron/Carbon black plants

Custom OEM Applications

Customized per order