High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge High Flow Pleated Filter Cartridge

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  • Product Description


Materials:  100% Polypropylene

Graded density pore structure 

Micron ratings: 1-125 μm

Temperature up to 176 °F (80°C

Maximum pressure: 0.4 MPa

Gradient structure, high dirty loading capacity

Super fine pores, low pressure drop

No media migration, and pore sizes changes along with pressure

No chemical pollutant releasing, no bubbles while filtering


General Information:

Available lengths/diameters: 

5” (127mm)

10″ (254 mm)

20″ (508 mm)

30″ (762 mm)

40″ (1016 mm)

Outer diameter: 2.4″ 2.5″, 2.7″, 4.5″ 

Inner diameter: 1.1″, 1.18″


Available end caps 

222/226/224/213, each possible with FLAT/FIN 


Special OEM designs

Available on request