Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Needle Felts Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Needle Felts

PTFE (also called Telfon ) has excellent resistance to both acids and alkalis, restricted abrasion resistance, and has a maximum operating temperature of 500º F. The PTFE felts are costly due to an intensive production process. In return PTFE has an outstanding thermal and chemical stability.

Bulk Roll Goods: weight, thickness, density, roll width, and roll length are customized at your request.

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Generally used for severe chemical environments at high temperatures

Excellent resistance to acids, alkalies, hydrolysis, oxidation, solvents

Abrasion resistance is generally superior to protein fibers but not as good as most synthetics

Requires a 20 verticalwire minimum support cage when used in tubular bag form

Expensive-excellent chemical and thermal resistance

Continuous operating temperature 500℉ (260°C)

Fiber Materials PTFE 
Scrim PTFE 
Standard Finishes
(Special surface treatments available)
Heat Set, Singed, Glazed, PTFE membrane
oz/yd² (g/m2)
22.12-26.55 (750-900)

   Inch (mm)
4-10 (2-5)
Air Permeability
 CFM@ ½" W.G125PA
 (m³/m².min@200PA )
21-50 (10-24)
  Tensile Strength
 lb/in (N/5CM)
Warp MD  80 (700)
Weft CD 91 (800)
Tensile Elongation (%) Warp MD  ≤15
Weft CD ≤15
Thermal Shrinkage (%) at max continuous temp. Warp MD  ≤3
Weft CD ≤3.5
Max. Operating Temperature  oF (oC) Continuous 500 (260)
Surge 536 (280)
The data are based on laboratory conditions. 
Testing based on specific operating conditions of each installation is recommended.

Power Generation

Cement, Mining & Rock Products

Waste Incineration

Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

Metals & Foundry

Food & Beverages

Custom OEM Applications

Most popular applications include coal-fired power plants,cement production, and steel foundries

Customized per order