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Liquid Filtration Guides

The factors must be considered in proper filter media selection including fiber, fabric, finish treatment, and its fabrication

Micron Ratings:

Fiber Properties:

Fiber Characteristics

Fiber Resistance Max. Operating Temperature
Organic Solvents Animal Vegetable & Oils Micro- Organisms Organic AcidsMineral Acids Alkalies Oxidizing Agents Support Combustion
Polyester Excellent Excellent Excellent GoodGoodFairGoodYes265/302°F (130/150°C) 
Polypropylene GoodExcellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent FairYes194/230°F (90/110°C)
Aramid GoodExcellent Excellent FairFairGoodFairNo400/450°F (204/232°C) 
PTFEExcellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent No450/500°F (232/260°C) 
Nylon Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair Poor Good PoorYes265/302°F (130/150°C) 

This table serves only as a guide for the selection of engineering materials and filter media

Testing in accordance with the end user’s safety guidelines is recommended

Finish treatments:

Finishes/Surface Treatments
Heat Set
Singed (one side or both sides)
Glazed (one side or both sides)
PTFE impregnation 
PTFE membrane

How to Order a Filter bag?

How to order a felt filter bag

1) Material2) Micron Rating3) Finish4) Size5) Ring6) Ring/side/bottom Construction7) Options
PE-Felt, PolyesterPE:0.5-200PL-Plain #1S- Carbon Steel WWW- Fully Welded HS-Handle Strap (additional handle, same media)
PP-Felt, PolypropylenePP:0.5-200SO-Singed One Side#2SS-Stainless SteelSSS- Fully Sewn A-Automotive (bottom and side seams inside b
NX-Felt, AramidNX: 5-150SB-Singed Both Side#3Z- Zinc Galvanized Steel SWS- Ring Sewn, Side Welded, Bottom SewnMC- Mesh Cover
PTFE- Felt, PTFE PTFE:10-50GL-Glazed One Side#4P-Polypro PP Flange/RingWSS- Ring Welded, Side Sewn, Bottom SewnSB-Spunbond cover
PEXL-Felt, Extended Life PolyesterPEXL:1-200SG-Singed & Glazed E-Polyester PE Flange/Ring SR-Special request
PPXL-Felt, Extended Life PolypropylenePPXL:1-200GB- Glazed Both Side DS-Draw String  
  HS-Heat Set VS-High-temp Plastic Snap-seal  
  MS-Special/modified PP-Polypro Ring  
    PE-Polyester Ring  
    N-No Ring  

How to order a mesh filter bag

1) Material2) Micron Rating3) Finish4)Size5)Ring6) Ring/side/bottom Construction7) Options
NMO-Nylon Monofilament MeshNMO: 35-1900 P-Plain (standard)#1 S- Carbon Steel SSS- Fully Sewn HS-Handle Strap (additional handle, same media)
PEMO-Polyester Monofilament MeshPEMO:30-1500  #2 SS-Stainless Steel       WSS- Ring Welded, Side Sewn, Bottom SewnA-Automotive (bottom and side seams inside bag)
   #3Z- Zinc. Galvanized Steel  SR-Special Request
   #4P-Polypro PP Flange  
    E-Polyester PE Flange  
    DS-Draw String (tie-on)  
    PP-Polypro Ring  
    PE-Polyester Ring  
    N-No Ring   
Standard Bag Size#1#2#3#4
Surface Area 2.6 (0.24)5.2 (0.48)0.9 (0.08)1.7 (0.16)
ft2 (m2)    
Volume2.1 (7.9)4.5 (17.0) 0.7 (2.7)
U.S gal (liter)  0.37 (1.4) 
Max. Flow Rate90 (20)180 (40)26 (6)53 (12)
GPM (m3/h)     
Bag Diameter7.0 (180)7.0 (180)4.0 (105)4.0 (105)
inch (mm)    
Bag Length17.0/43032.0/8109.0/23015.0/380
Inch (mm)    
Other Bag SizeAvailable upon request

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